Prosthetic bearing element and implant incorporating such

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Prosthetic bearing element and implant incorporating such .

Prosthetic bearing element and implant incorporating such an element . European Patent EP0771551 . Kind Code: B1 . Abstract: Abstract of EP0771551 A prosthetic bearing element having a bearing surface which is made from an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with a molecular weight greater than 1,000,000 with a multi-axially molecular ...

Application of finite element analysis in implant .

When applied to multiple-implant prosthesis design, FEA has suggested improved biomechanical situations when factors such as implant inclination, implant position, prosthetic material properties, superstructure beam design, cantilever length, bar system, bar span length and stiffener height, and overdenture attachment type are optimized.

(PDF) Finite element based design of hip joint prosthes

PDF | The work deals with the proper design of hip join prosthesis using finite element method. Hip joint is one of the most important weight bearing and shock absorbing structure of the human body.

Patents Assigned to Benoist Girard - Justia Patents Sear

Abstract: A prosthetic glenoid component for attachment to a scapula to provide a bearing for a humeral head in a shoulder prosthesis has a one-piece bearing element having a concave lateral bearing surface for contact with the humeral head with which it is to be used. An opposing relatively hard medial surface of the bearing element is provided for attachment to a scapula.

CRANIO FACIAL Reconstruction - Southern Implan

02 Southern Implants Cranio Facial Reconstruction ManualI I Instructions for Use Extra Oral implants have a number of different indications for use, such as retaining cranio facial prosthesis’ and bone conductor hearing aids. The general placement procedure is similar in most extra oral cases and ... Implant Prosthetic Clip Overdenture ...

Prosthetic bearing element and process for making such an .

Abstract of EP0698382 A prosthetic bearing element comprising a backing which supports a bearing liner having a bearing surface, said backing being made from a "hard" polymeric material having a minimum hardness value of 55 N/mm<2> and said bearing liner being made from a "soft" elastomeric polyurethane material having a hardness value of 3.0 to 9.0 N/mm<2>. <MATH>

Antibacterial Surface Treatment for Orthopaedic Implan

Current knowledge of antimicrobial surface treatments suitable for prevention of prosthetic joint infection is reviewed. Several surface treatment modalities have been proposed. ... the formation of a thick protein layer on such implant surface could suppress bacteria adhesion . ... Strategies incorporating nanopatterning and other ...

Materials | Free Full-Text | Load-Bearing Capacity and .

The aim of this study was to introduce the newly developed micro-locking implant prosthetic system and to evaluate the resulting its characteristics. To evaluate load-bearing capacity, 25 implants were divided into five groups: external-hexagon connection (EH), internal-octagon connection (IO), internal-hexagon connection (IH), one-body implant (OB), micro-locking implant system (ML).

Prosthetic bearing element and method of manufactu

The invention also includes a prosthetic implant incorporating a bearing element as set forth above. A process, according to the invention, for making a prosthetic bearing element as set forth above can include a two state molding process in which the backing or liner is molded first and then the appropriate liner or backing is molded onto it.

Compound shape rotating bearing - patentcut.c

Compound shape rotating bearing US5171283; A prosthetic joint includes a first bearing element which is attached to a first bone and has a substantially flat bearing surface.A second element having a bearing surface is attached to a second bone.A bearing is disposed between the first and second elements.The bearing has a central axis and is defined by a first surface and a second surface.

Antibacterial effect of copper-bearing titanium alloy (Ti .

Antibacterial effect of copper-bearing titanium alloy (Ti-Cu) against Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis ... such as peri-implant mucositis or peri-implantitis, ... is a necessary ...

US6802864B2 - Patellar implant and knee prosthesis .

A patellar implant for total or partial prosthesis of the knee joint incorporates an outer articular surface and an inner articular surface provided to cooperate respectively with an outer side and an inner side of a femoral trochlea or of a femoral prosthetic component. The inner and outer articular surfaces are separated by a transition ridge which is curved, as viewed from a front of the ...

Mechanical and Finite Element Analysis of an Innovative .

Mechanical and Finite Element Analysis of an Innovative ... This prosthetic implant can ... selected such that the total volume of 2D FEA model was representative real 3D volume. All the FEA model simula-tions were run on a simulated left leg above-knee-amputation.

Computer simulating a clinical trial of a load-bearing .

Computer simulating a clinical trial of a load-bearing implant: ... the need to account for such differences in the range of ... finite element model of an intramedullary implant in the first computational studies of peri-prosthetic bone remodelling. LaterPrendergastandTaylor(1992) simulated remodelling ...

Multifunctional coatings to simultaneously promote .

Review Multifunctional coatings to simultaneously promote osseointegration and prevent infection of orthopaedic implants Jordan Raphel a, Mark Holodniy b, c, Stuart B. Goodman d, Sarah C. Heilshorn a, * a Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA b Division of Infectious Diseases & Geographic Medicine, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

Recent Patents and Designs on Hip Replacement Prosthes

Thus, the inventors present a novel hip implant system comprised of a ball assembly having a ball trunnion or trunnion to facilitate the capability of the ball being affixed to a calcar implant element which can be securely positioned in the calcar bone of the femoral neck and articulating with the ball assembly. Also, included is an acetabular ...

(PDF) Prosthetic Platforms in Implant Dentist

Using tridimensional finite element analysis (3D-FEA), this study evaluated the biomechanical behavior of two implant macrodesign parameters (prosthetic connection and implant body shape) in low ...

Advances in Dental Implant Positioning Techniques and .

Background: Advancing surgical reconstructive methods and demanding prosthetics need accurate and precise implant placements. Positioning dental implant is vital in both prosthetic and aesthetic perspectives. The optimal three-dimensional placement not only reduces biomechanical complications but also imprecates the odds of implant failure.

Technology Efficacy in Active Prosthetic Knees for .

Technology Efficacy in Active Prosthetic Knees for Transfemoral Amputees: A Quantitative Evaluation ... An element that is capable of storing energy, such as a spring may assist the knee during the swing phase in which it is loaded during weight bearing and released during the swing phase itself ...

against Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingival

of surfaces including teeth, prosthetic devices and dental implants 2–4. The formation and maturation of biofilms on dental implant material surfaces may lead to the development of peri-implant diseases, such as peri-implant mucositis or peri-implantitis, influencing the long term success of the teeth implant 5–7. For this reason, it is cru-